About Us

Mitchell Restoration, LLC is a full service residential construction company headquartered in Torrington, Connecticut.  Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals specializes in residential general contracting services and state of the art residential remodeling services.  Our team takes great pride in providing our clients with only the highest quality contracting and remodeling services throughout the state and in helping our valued clients bring their dreams to life.  With all the experience and commitment needed, our team of experts stands ready to meet the individual needs of all our valued clients.  Take time out to schedule a free consultation today with one of our dedicated team members.

Mitchell restoration llc was founded in 2008 by the owner Paul Mitchell . Paul’s passion for building and remodeling led him to form the company with its mission statement of, “ to help people in his community build and remodel“ .

Mitchell restoration llc is a community based remodeling service company and is headquartered in Torrington Connecticut. Mitchell restoration llc uses local venders a a much as possible and is deeply involved in restoring and preserving the community it works and lives in .


Paul Mitchell the owner of the company is a life long resident of Litchfield county Connecticut. He attended the Oliver wolcott trade school in Torrington and is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. Carpentry and building has been Paul’s passion since childhood and it reflects in the work Mitchell restoration llc produces everyday.

Mitchell restoration llc started as a small remodeling company mostly building “decks“ and remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. As the company grew and our services became more in demand Paul’s experience in major “building renovations” led Mitchell restoration llc to become what it is today as a leading residential renovation and remodeling company .

Using the combined building knowledge of our team and trade partnerships we can take an existing or new structure and turn it into a remarkable aesthetically pleasing space that functions and is built to last. Starting from the Roof down.

Mitchell restoration has been recognized as a leading company in historical home restoration and specializes in old home restorations and renovations . Paul’s passion for old homes which he grew up building and repairing is what makes this company very unique .

We use specialty products and have the knowledge and experience to work on these homes and preserve them while bringing them to be a modern more comfortable living environment. Mitchell restoration has the experience to renovate tastefully your historic home and renovate your old home to keep its character while making necessary changes to mechanicals, electrical and make major structural repairs to ensure it lasts another 300 years . Historic Preservation is very important in Connecticut and Mitchell restoration llc is a leading company in and tastefully renovating New England style homes .