Remodeling & Restoration Specialist in Harwinton, CT

Mitchell Restoration, LLC is your best option when looking for a remodeling & restoration specialist in Harwinton. We offer both residential general contracting services and state-of-the-art home improvement projects with our experienced team that specializes in just about everything related to building or renovating homes–including kitchen & bathroom renovations.

We have the know-how to help you get your dream home. From fixing up an old or worn-out kitchen so it looks modern -to adding on extra rooms onto homes-, our team is ready for anything.

General Contracting

Mitchell Restoration is the best choice for anyone looking for a general contractor to restore their home or business, and we can’t wait until you experience our high-quality workmanship firsthand. We offer exceptional design services that will transform your property into what you were always wanting.

We keep our clients’ goals at the forefront as we adapt to any challenges that arise. Our years of experience and dedication result in projects completed with the highest levels of quality, value for money – even safety!

Deck Building

When you need a new deck, why not call Mitchell Restoration? Our team of licensed builders will help transform your home and provide space for outdoor living where the whole family can enjoy themselves. We offer quality selections in wood or composite materials – we want to be sure that it’s functional as well aesthetically pleasing! And with lasting durability at its core, this investment should last several years before needing another renovation.


Mitchell Restoration, LLC is a roofing company that has been recognized for the high-quality services we provide to all of our valued clients. We take pride in meeting individual needs and strive towards superior customer service with an emphasis on satisfaction ratings! As a result, Mitchell Restorations’ place is your go-to contractor whether you are looking into residential or commercial structures.

Kitchen Remodeling

Here at Mitchell Restoration, LLC we understand that your kitchen is a space filled with meaning and importance. That’s why our team offers stylish materials for any taste or budget as well as competitive prices so you can have the best of both worlds – functional design without breaking the bank.

Bathroom Remodeling

Let our experts help you create a bathroom that is perfect for your family! We value creativity and encourage open communication throughout the design process so we can make sure it meets all of our customer’s needs.


When you need a team of experienced painters in Harwinton, CT that can handle any project no matter how big or small – look no further than our highly reputable and professional paint crew! We have been recognized as one of the best teams around because we ensure top-quality workmanship at an affordable price point without breaking your bank account.

Historical Restoration

If you have a project that needs historic preservation, we can help. Our experienced team of contractors will make sure the integrity is preserved while making any changes desired by our clients according to their preference and staying true to what’s possible when it comes down to restoration or preserving buildings.

Mitchell Restoration, LLC is the go-to if you are looking for a remodeling & restoration specialist in Harwinton, CT! Our experts specialize in making customers’ dreams come true with residential general contracting services as well state-of-the-art homes.

Contact us today for a free estimate and see how great we are at making people’s lives better by providing high-quality service that never fails them. Call us now at 860-689-6967

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